In-depth Bible Study

Enhance your personal study and the impact of your Bible teaching with powerful, life-transforming insight, and an amazing depth of study and instructional resources! The premier Bible commentary, Precepts for Living® will help you grow closer to God through a deeper understanding of His Word.

Precepts for Living® is an indispensable resource for all who desire to deepen their knowledge, understanding, and application of the truth of God’s Word — particularly those who serve as teachers and leaders in the church. Based on the texts outlined in the International Uniform Bible Lessons series, Precepts for Living® provides a full year of in-depth Bible studies for personal or classroom use. Each week, you will encounter the life-changing power of God’s Word, along with the background information and life applications you need to make Bible truth clear and lead you—and those you teach—to a faithful life of discipleship.

  • Verse-by-verse commentary for each text in the International Uniform Bible Lessons series
  • Teaching tips and activity suggestions for all 52 weekly lessons
  • Contemporary stories to highlight real-life application
  • Parallel KJV and NLT text for each passage
  • Historical and cultural background information
  • Greek and Hebrew word studies
  • Relevant profiles of influential African Americans
  • And more!